Thursday, October 24, 2013

Halloween Seduction Blog Hop!


Welcome to my post for Renea & Val's blog hop! Thanks for stopping by. I've decided to post a short story...zombie themed! Now, off to business...

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Enjoy the story!

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

LIVING DEAD GIRL has a Date...

LIVING DEAD GIRL will be released January 17th 2014. Yay! A little scary and exciting at the same time. It feels like this project has been in the works for so long. I'm also super psyched to show off the gorgeous cover. What do you think?

LIVING DEAD GIRL is the story of Jen MacLellan, a straight-laced twenty-one-year-old who finds love in an unlikely place: in the arms of crass, outspoken punk rocker Jack Norris. Their passionate relationship ends tragically with Jen's death, and as a ghost, she's heartbroken as she watches Jack's life unravel. Caught between the need to save her lover from a tragic fate and the desire to exact revenge on the woman who stole her life, Jen convinces the reaper to bring her back so she can set things right. It never occurs to her that she could be putting Jack in more well as risking her own passage to the afterlife.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Hello my internet friends!

It's been a while since I gave an update, so here I am! Living Dead Girl is still in edits, but finally almost finished. I have a beautiful cover that I can't wait to share and will let you know once the official release date is squared away. For now, while I'm waiting on the edits to be finished, I'm working on a new story using Jack, the male lead from Living Dead Girl. It's a story I actually completed (or thought I did!) a while ago, but when LDG went into edits, I changed a few things in that story which would affect this one. So I went back to square one and came up with something that I think is even better...and it has put poor Jack into a very unusual situation. Almost done with the rough draft and looking forward to going back in and cleaning it up.