Thursday, June 30, 2016

Whew! Look at all the cobwebs in here...

If you know me at all, you know I hardly blog at all. It used to be a hobby, but lately, with too much on my plate, I have to prioritize which writing I choose to focus my energy on. And blogging falls low on that list. So there you go :)

You may be wondering: am I working on anything? If you've been reading my Living Dead World series, have no fear...I am actively writing the next installment. I hope to finish it this summer. Without giving too much away, here are a few highlights from the new story:

Picking up a couple months after Reaper Madness ended, a new more sinister problem has appeared on earth, landing Jen and her new reaper partner in a bit of trouble. This will send her down a path of self-discovery she never imagined, and she learns something startling about her origins.

Jack is coping with his own issues. The half-demon Nulcifer had left him with a bar to well as a roster of employees who seem to be out to get him. He's struggling to gain control of the situation, and also experiencing some unusual and potentially dangerous side effects from being fused with the imp, Feargal.

More will be revealed about Jen and Jack's past.

A centuries old curse has resurfaced, ready to wreak havoc on the underworld.

And yes, Sam will be back, further complicating Jen's romantic feelings.

So there you go! :)