Sunday, July 14, 2013


I have a Misfits song stuck in my head. I just drank lemonade that's only 3% juice (mmm...high fructose corn syrup...). And I'm currently sitting at my laptop, trying to edit my novel. I'm at a crucial point in the narrative where the normal world and the supernatural have finally crossed paths. This was an area I struggled--that transition, the identity of the novel, the place where it turns from contemporary romance to my MC's twisted path towards the afterlife. I think I finally have things in place. I've shaved the excess, laid the foundation and we're slowly plodding along. The pieces seem to fit together better, now that I've figured out which ones needed to go. I guess this is where I have a moment of reflection, because this is so different from the piece I originally showed to my critique group a year ago. In a good way.

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