Sunday, January 19, 2014

What's on my mind

So I'm ashamed to admit, I watched this really terrible horror movie last night. It was so laughably stupid and full of WTF moments, that I think I might've died a little inside. The movie was called Thankskilling, and yes it was every bit as bad as you can imagine just by seeing the title (a necromanced turkey?!). IMDB rating is 4.3 stars, which is a bit generous. I think this even tops Sharknado. (Yeah, I saw that too O.o). Watching cheesy horror movies has always been a 'thing' with my family, especially when we all get together. Maybe this explains a few things??


I've been asked a lot the past couple days how it feels now that Living Dead Girl is out. Well? Right now, I'm feeling pressure! Like the REAL work has just begun. First, I'll need to step up my game to make sure Living Dead Girl is a success. I won't lie--I'm still a noob with marketing, especially myself, but I'm working on it. And second...I'm fighting my way back from 'edit mode' into 'rough draft mode' so I can finish up the sequel to Living Dead Girl.

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