Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Worth checking out!

As reviewed on Goodreads:

Hewhay HallHewhay Hall by Susan Roebuck
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow...that's my first impression after finishing story. I wasn't quite sure what to expect coming into this--it sounded interesting, for sure, but after reading, I really don't think the blurb does this book any justice. This is dark and gritty, with one foot planted in a very sobering, real world, while the other rests in the darkest corners of the imagination. Jude, a firefighter who is at the lowest point in his life following the loss of his leg in a horrific accident, goes off in search of hope, something that will give him back his life--a mysterious place called Hewhay Hall. The problem is, the place doesn't seem to exist. Or does it? The answer lies with someone named Verity Slater, or so he's led to believe. What follows is both unexpected and terrifying. I will not spoil what happens, but I will say that nothing is quite what it seems (and in some cases, they are much worse). The characters are well drawn, the imagination top notch, and I think that anyone who reads Neil Gaiman, or even Stephen King would appreciate this story. I hope that this author continues to write in this genre, because I truly think she has a gift for it.

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