Sunday, November 16, 2014

November News

November...ah yes, for those of us in the Northeast US, the cold weather is here and the days are much shorter. So I know I've been a bit absent. As usual, I've got a bunch of stuff going on. I started a new job last week, which has hours that will take some getting used to. Getting up between two and three in the morning is going to be an adjustment (I've always stayed up late, so those first couple days were rough, haha.) The good news is when my shift ends, there will still be plenty of day left to get other things done. :)

Writing-wise, I've got plenty on deck. I'm awaiting final confirmation, but Reaper Madness, as of now, is still set to release on Friday.

Love Least Expected, the anthology I'm participating in, is already available for pre-order in a couple places. It'll go live February 3rd 2015. It's only $.99, so reserve your copy today!


All Romance:


Finally, I'm pleased to announce that I've signed a contract for Confessions of a Punk Rocker. This novel is from the POV of Jack, the male lead from Living Dead Girl. It'll be out sometime next year. More details to come!

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