Sunday, August 2, 2015

Writing updates and all

Yeah, I know. I don't post much on this blog anymore. I have a new website where I've been hoping to drive attention, so ye old Blogger site has been neglected. So I figured today, why the hell not just put something...right? :D

This is what's on tap for me right now:

Confessions of a Punk Rocker. This is Jack's POV story, beginning before and overlapping Living Dead Girl. It's part insane ghost story, part loss of friendship/realizing one's own mortality, and part boy meets girl...girl hates boy...boy wins girl's heart. Are you still with me? LOL. I struggled at times with this book because I didn't want it to simply be a rehash of Living Dead Girl from Jack's POV. So while there will be a handful of the same scenes that will be familiar to those who have read Living Dead Girl, there is a much broader story going on. You will see all the events that led up to Jack and Jen meeting, and to me it's the perfect example of how one chance meeting can change/impact a person's life as well as their path toward the future. In this story, that chance meeting comes much before Jack meets Jen and it's one continuous chain of events. But I'm rambling. So what can you expect (without me giving too much away)?

*Ethan and PJ will have key roles

*You'll see how Drew first connected with the band

*Unique insight into Jack's mind. This is another close POV novel (1st person)

This book has completed content edits and has been passed to copy edits. I will provide more details about release information, etc, so stay tuned.

Daughter of Fate and Misfortune: This is the actual book three in the series, as of yet un-contracted. I'm going to finish it before presenting to my publisher. I'm currently working on the first draft. As of now, this one will be only in Jen's POV. I haven't yet decided if there will be a portion from Jack's POV, like in Reaper Madness. But I will say this:

*The love triangle will grow deeper and more tangled.

*We will learn about Jen, Jack and Sam's origin (their original incarnations) and how all of this began.

*A couple more huge plot twists will be revealed. One involving their past, and one involving something that will happen in the future.

More information to come!!!

Love's Not Viral: The anthology this story was a part of, Love Least Expected, is now off sale. (We only offered for a limited 6 month window). Part of this is because many of the authors in the anthology have decided to expand their short stories into full length novels. Love's Not Viral is no exception. This is my first attempt at a non-paranormal/fantasy type romance. I'm over 40k words into the actual novel. I'd originally thought to begin my story after the short ended, when James and Aster reunite, but I've instead decided to make that a part of the story. Crazy actor brother will have a recurring role throughout the story after his initial involvement, and his presence will be a source of strain on their relationship. Aster and James will also be contending with how to cope with a whirlwind romance on the long term--that is, one that starts out passionate and moves quickly to something serious. Some big surprises in store for the two of them.

I'm not yet sure what I will do with this story. I have considered self-publishing as an option, but quite frankly, I'm not sure I'm ready for the enormous time and monetary commitment involved with putting that together. I may end up submitting to a publisher. At this point, it is up in the air, but I will keep everyone posted!

Thanks for checking in with me, and until next time, take care everyone!

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