Sunday, March 10, 2013

Navigating Uncertainty

There's so much talk these days about writers establishing a social media platform and putting yourself and work out there, even if you're not published yet. Obviously self promotion is essential. Finding a niche, standing out from the crowd, branding, creating a unique persona--these are all aspects of creating a successful platform. The idea is to draw people in and hopefully create interest in you and your work. Right?

So what do you do if your plan has no focus? No certainty? I've created this persona with an oddball stand out name, because in a way, it fits my vision of my writing self: that is, someone who does not fit in neatly to any category. I write love stories, but not romance. I can be dark and twisted at times and venture into lighthearted and silly at others. There's drama but it's portrayed with a a sense of humor. So what exactly is my platform?

I'm drawn to oddball things, whether it's art, or movies or books. I love horror movies. I love reading. Music is almost as essential as breathing. Does talking about these things constitute a  social media platform?Basically, I'm trying to find my place.

And what about that name? It started just as a screen name. It may end up being just a screen name, as I'm still not sure I'd want it on a book cover. That said, it stands out, doesn't it?

In conclusion, I'm still finding my way; I'm still unsure. They say write what you love, what you'd want to read, and I believe I'm doing that. The question is, does the same thing apply to social media?

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