Saturday, April 27, 2013

Writing...Revising...In the Mood

I'm trying to nail the feeling of this scene. Writing has not come easily today, so I needed a playlist with some balls. It makes no sense, it doesn't really fit together, but, makes me happy ;)

Skulls The Misfits
Bloodshed The Bruisers
Nihilism Rancid
False Hope The Unseen
Borstal Breakout Sham 69
The Crowd Operation Ivy
Sick Boys Social Distortion
Die,Die My Darling The Misfits
No Feelings Sex Pistols
Intimidation The Bruisers
The Kids Will Have No Say Kings of Nuthin'
Dead Generation Cockney Rejects
Cold Feelings Social Distortion
Timebomb Rancid
Shit out of Luck Kings of Nuthin'
Bodies Sex Pistols
Caution Operation Ivy
I am the One Rancid
Backstreet Girl Social Distortion

Now, to get to work...

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