Sunday, March 2, 2014

Preoccupied :)

Wow, just when I think I'm keeping up with things, a couple weeks slide by and it looks like I've dropped off the planet! So my daughter and I are prepping to go to Anime Boston 2014 in a few weeks. Last year was our first year going, and while it was fun, it was also slightly overwhelming because we went with no plan in mind. We missed out on a couple things we wanted to see because we weren't in the right place at the right time, and many of the events and panels fill up fast. This year I hope to be a bit more strategic about it. 

Getting there, well, I'm weighing my options. Boston is about a forty minute drive away. I can either drive and park (yikes! You have no idea how much driving in that city freaks me out!) Parking at the Prudential Center is expensive, but I'd have my car and we wouldn't have to rely on a train schedule. Which is the other option--we could take the T. It's cheaper, but we'd have to walk from the subway station, and ride on the train in costume. It would also take longer. Thankfully I have some time to decide...

As far as the event itself, there's no schedule up yet, so I'm thinking of other things right now...mainly cosplay costumes and how not to break the bank doing it. You can buy plenty of premades, but more than half of those shops are located overseas and  when all is said and done, you're talking shelling out a couple hundred bucks just to get a costume. Mama doesn't have that kind of a budget...especially when you figure in admission passes, parking, etc for the con itself. So, time to get those creative cogs turning. It's kind of like a creative scavenger hunt right now--finding articles of clothing and material that I can transform. Hit up Salvation Army thrift store yesterday and found a few things to get me started, and I'm setting out this morning to see what else I can find. Wish me luck, lol! :)

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