Thursday, June 7, 2012


I'm sooo glad tomorrow's Friday!!! So glad, in fact, that I added two extra exclamation points to the previous sentence.

 I don't hate my job, but I don't particularly love it, either. Half the time I'm like 'Why am I here?' Then I remember I have bills to pay and that nobody's interested in hiring a college educated thirty-something with no relevent job experience. Factor in that there isn't a job that I'm really interested in anyway. I mean, all I want to do is write and paint. Ideally, that would be my profession. Is it realistic? I like to think so, but then again, fifteen years (!) since graduating college and instead of having a career I'm slogging away doing mind-sucking manual labor and making fourteen bucks an hour.

Believe it or not I'm not complaining! I had children right out of college and chose to devote my attentions to them rather than focus on a career. I worked part time at a library, but spent most of my time home with them. And that's when I really honed both my writing and my art. Would I have had time to do that with a full time career? Probably not. Now, a couple years ago, necessity forced me to jump into the work force with both feet (and both fully encased in cement. ha.) So I'm feeling a little stretched thin and honestly? I'm sinking. I've never had to do it all before--work, pay bills, take care of my children & home. Somewhere I try to fit in my writing. Often my house is left unkempt. And then there's that nagging problem of the things that won't go away...I won't talk about them, though.

Wow, that really sounds depressing! I try to just suck it up, though. I mean, I could be saying to my family--to quote Peter Griffin-- "I don't have a job in the world." And that, my friends, would suck even more than the job I have now.

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